The best way for residents to connect with you

Forging community-building habits with resident focused features.

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Upgrading Your Home through Technology

65% of residents use our app at least twice a week to check in with their community

Our feature-rich mobile app is designed with the resident in mind, creating multiple in-app touch points that drive sustained engagement habits - making it easier to reach your residents whenever you need to.

Perfect your Resident Engagement Strategy

Ark makes it easy to build deep levels of engagement with residents and leaseholders

With recent building safety legislation changing the nature of your resident relationships, reaching out to your communities and driving engagement becomes ever more important. Ark was designed mobile-first, making sure that critical community information reaches everyone in the building.

Newsfeed & Community

A community newsfeed takes pride of place within the app, driving engagement with residents.


Residents can send personal messages and report issues to their AI-enabled building management team.

Surveys & Polls
Surveys & Polls

Seek feedback from residents through quick 1-question polls or in-depth surveys.


Documents such as the Resident Engagement Strategy can be posted to the whole community with one click.

Facility booking screen
Facility & Event Booking

Residents can view and book community facilities or events from the comfort of their sofa.

Payments Screen

Residents can pay service charge, rent or one-off payments with a credit card.

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