Manage front desk activities more efficiently

Improve security and traceability for critical front desk tasks, without the hardware costs.

Macbook & Phone showing Ark

Supporting front-line engagement with Ark

Enabling front desk teams to complete tasks efficiently and effectively

Team members who work on-site or at the front desk are your first port of call for many residents - and have a higher impact on your perceived levels of service. Ark provides a mobile app to help them work smarter.

Front-desk technology without the hardware clutter

Getting rid of pen & paper activities (and the need for extra hardware)

Ark's complementary ecosystem of user-specific technology makes it easy to complete front-desk tasks without the need for additional hardware cluttering up your reception area.

Parcel Screen
Parcel Collection & Inventory

Check in parcels & automatically notify residents via our AI-powered address scanner.

QR Code
Parcel Delivery

Scan residents QR code to securely and efficiently deliver parcels to the right person.

Key Management
Key Management

Check keys in and out, with full automated notifications for all events.

Visitor Sign In
Visitor Sign In

Allow visitors to sign in and out of the community via QR code.

Resident Verification
Resident Verification

Onboard new residents and validate that they live in the building.

Facility Management
Facility Management

View bookings and manage the community’s shared facilities via the dashboard.

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