Enabling effective property management

Ark helps building managers to slash response times, improve resident satisfaction and meet regulatory requirements.

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Empowering your teams to work smarter, not just harder

Create and deliver an effective Resident Engagement Strategy with Ark

With recent building safety legislation changing the nature of resident relationships, having an effective resident engagement policy becomes a critical part of your everyday operations. Ark puts the systems in place to let your people do their best work.

A next-generation platform designed for resident engagement

Ark makes managing and engagement easy with our AI-powered cloud platform

Our platform is focused on making sure that key management activities are as simple and intuitive to use as possible. With AI built into the core, Ark takes the strain out of resident engagement.

Improve Response Times by 28%

Ark AI helps to triage and answer incoming messages - meaning that managers can deal with the most important issues.

Drive critical manager actions

Critical engagement activities are pushed front-and-centre, helping managers concentrate on the most important next actions.

List of Residents
Know who is living in your buildings

Onboard new residents and build a comprehensive and up-to-date view about who is currently living in your building provided and verified by residents.

Publish & monitor safety documents

Publish and distribute your Resident Engagement Strategy to residents and check that everyone has been able to read it.

Observe & monitor performance

Key performance metrics for all activities can be tracked, shared and compared across communities.

Connect & integrate in a flash

Ark is designed to play nicely with other systems, meaning that you can get started quickly without worrying about what’s happening to the data.

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