Managing your Resident Engagement Strategy

May 8, 2024
Find out how Ark can help create and monitor your Resident Engagement Strategy.

Last month, Ark held a breakfast meeting centred around Resident Engagement Strategies at the RAC on Pall Mall in London. Over coffee and croissants, attendees had the chance to discuss ideas and best practices for meeting the challenges of the recent legislative changes and there were some fantastic contributions from all the attendees. 

One of the key discussion points was how to ensure that residents actually engaged with the RES documentation, not just once, but over a sustained period - there were plenty of ideas of how to do this, but also concern about making sure that you could prove that you had taken all the steps necessary to comply with the new regulations.

Well... this is where Ark came in...

For those who couldn’t attend, and for those who did, we wanted to create a summary of our discussion and provide some insights into how Ark can help you nail your Resident Engagement Strategy

You can access this today here.

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